Tree Feeding and Insect Control

To protect your valuable landscape, TreeTech Canada has designed a
comprehensive Plant Health Care Program that incorporates the latest
technology in insect and disease control. Consistent with our commitment to
outdoor excellence, all products used are fully biodegradable and have active
ingredients derived from natural sources.

Why Feed Urban Trees?

Feeding of urban trees and shrubs is important because they are often
subject to adverse soil and environmental conditions. They are under much
more stress than forest trees. Compacted soils, poor drainage, restricted root
areas, road and street salts, air pollutants and competition from turf grasses
all contribute to tree stress. This increases the importance of regular feeding
to maintain healthy growth. Vigorous, well-maintained trees are more
resistant to many insect and disease pests as well. They are naturally more
attractive and greater assets to the property.

TreeTech Feeding and Insect Control Program

  • Basic Program: Designed to prevent and reduce insect infestation.
  • Deep Root Liquid Fertilization: Slow released, organic blend fertilizer which include essential
    micro and macro nutrients. Also helps de compact soil around roots which is highly beneficial.
  • Mosquito/Tick Program
  • Speciality & Supplemental Treaments
  • Bug Barrier Tree Band - Non-chemical way to keep insects from crawling up your valuable trees