Tree Inspection and Disease Diagnosis

Insects and Diseases can Threaten Tree Health
As soon as you notice any abnormality in your tree’s appearance, you
should ask a certified Arborists to begin a careful inspection of the problem.
By identifying the specific symptoms of damage and understanding their
causes, the Arborists will be able to diagnose the problem and select an
appropriate treatment.

Why Urban Trees get more Insects and Disease Problems
Trees deal with environmental stresses by adjusting their growth and
development patterns to reflect the availability of resources. Although trees
are adapted to living in stressful conditions in nature, urban trees often
experience much more stress which make them more susceptible to insects
and disease problems. Compacted soils, poor drainage, restricted root
areas, road and street salts, air pollutants and competition from turf
grasses all contribute to tree stress.

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The treatment method used for a particular insect or disease problem will
depend on the species involved, the extent of the problem, and a variety of
other factors specific to the situation and local regulations. Contact TreeTech
if you have any doubt about the nature of the problem or proper treatment.

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